Magic Money Part 2: An Influencer’s Perspective!

Changing the marketing landscape before your eyes!!!

Checking out “Magic Money” on my Laptop!

I wrote about “Magic Money” a few articles ago and described what I thought about the way this money appeared in your account. Today I have to say that I am changing my mind. Influencers have opened my eyes to what is happening and it seems that we are just at the start of the next big wave! What am I talking about…well read on!

I am an avid watcher of videos for entertainment, business, and commercials. This includes all types of promotions, courses, and blogs. Some are interesting, some are far-fetched and some are entertaining.

The one thing I noticed that keeps coming up when watching an Influencer’s upload is that the bigger the Influencer (followers wise) the more important what or who they are promoting. I know I am not telling you something new, but just hear me out and let me give you an example. For some, this may be a tough subject, but it is a reality.

Influencing the masses!

I came across a video podcast where the interviewer was a semi-retired porn actor. He was interviewing a porn actress that made a number of videos and had her own website and a page on OnlyFans. She had a couple of million followers. So she posts who she does a porn video with and then she posts outtakes on her site. Okay, she is advertising, I get that, but then she judges them by how many followers join up or like the video. Male or female it does not matter who she is working with!

Well, she named the person and said that she did not get one reaction. No extra followers and no likes! So she trashed talked this person and said she would never work with them again. On the flip side, she said that she worked with this other porn actor, and two hours after she posted a clip from the video to her site, she had an additional 200,000 followers! Now, what does that tell you?

Here is this porn actress (and not a mainstream porn actress at least to me), having an impact on her income by either complimenting her partner or criticizing her partner, thereby negating whatever they had going on their own personal site! As you know this can generate thousands of dollars in income, almost overnight!

Now thinking about this and extrapolating it into other business models, the Influencer becomes the most important person your product could ever have, as confirmed by the millions of dollars spent by the big companies like Nike, Walmart, Amazon, Adidas, UnderArmour, etc. The contracts from these companies pay out millions of dollars a year to the influencer, being a Sports Star, Celebrity, Athlete, or just an expert in their field.

Influencers have started to become celebrities in their own right, even the not so easily recognized ones. The power that this porn actress had, was the number of followers she accumulated, and how she can now use that power to make or break a co-star if you will. She can now choose her partner, not by if they are particularly talented, handsome, or unique, but by how they impact her following.

In keeping with that trend, I can see people who promote themselves as an expert in the field of choice, having the same power. Obviously, this is once they achieve the numbers, that allow them to make this magic money. They will now have the power to make or break a product as they see fit whether by review and/or popularity. So picking an influencer will be very, very, important to the successful outcome of your product.

On the other hand, if you could become an influencer of sorts on your own product, you fall right into that stream of magic money. Whether you accept it or not, people will want to pay for expert information on whatever subject they are interested in like Health, Welfare, Finances, Family, Drugs, and thousands of other subjects you as the influencer may be promoting!

You may find that being a unique voice in a certain subject, for example, Hemochromatosis, a health condition, that people need specific information to help improve their quality of life, may be, an easier subject to promote as an influencer. This health topic will need some research and expertise to promote the benefits of the products for its niche. The more targeted and relevant your information is, the more credibility you build and as a result, stand out as an expert.

If you do a lot of camping and can explain the equipment and choices you make as a camper and stay focused on the quality and comfort of the products you prefer to use, again you will rise up as an expert in your field. You can talk and showcase your actual experiences. You will eventually become the expert in that niche! This is the best type of influencing that can be had, and it helps achieve the numbers you will need to make this magic money as an income stream.

Influencers reaching broad audiences!

Influencing the world is getting more complex. You will find that as you progress from almost any age, there are things you want to know and more. You will use the internet, google, and influencers to get the information you want and might need. These trends started in the younger ages of 13–24-year-olds, but are now growing leaps and bounds in the 30-plus ages. Researching our own choices, cuts into our productive time as busy people. It is easier to see what someone you trust is recommending vs. DIY research.

The only certifications that these influencers will have are the number of followers and actual results of what they give you in their opinions. Credibility is everything!

Funny Dancer!

Slowly the funny dancing influencer that has a million views will fade as a funny video, and they will find it hard to monetize their submissions and videos like that, as followers turn to value influencers.

Will people stop following other people? Probably not. On the other hand, if you are not making money off of your followers, what is the point of making a funny dancing video? Food for thought! More to come…



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